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A season for silly

Breaks rejuvenate
Even when the writing’s great.
Built a snow lobster!

Travel Hippo and snow lobster

(My partner has 3 stuffed lobsters, all identical but different sizes, and I brought 2 of them with me to this artist residency. I swear, him lending me a stuffed lobster was a bigger moment than him giving me a key! Of course I texted him a picture of this. Also, I might’ve been laughing the entire time I was making the snow lobster.)


First days of first artist’s residency

A-frame cabins glow.
Awaiting inspiration,
I nap, stare at trees.


Note: I’m not normally a writer who sits around waiting for inspiration. I’m firmly in the camp that showing up is half the work, and that a consistent writing practice builds creative muscle. However, the minute I got here I realized how physically exhausted I was, so I gave myself a couple days to NOT write, trusting I would hear an internal signal when my body had rested enough to begin. And sure enough, this morning I woke up ready to tackle an essay that’s been impossible to wrestle into shape.