Finalist in the Fourth Genre essay prize!

Do you ever have those dream jobs where you apply because you’re excited but not because you actually think you’ll be picked? Well, applying to literary contests is a bit like that for me. I mean, some part of me is positive I’ll win, because otherwise why would I throw away $20 on the entry fee? But for the most part, winning feels like such a long shot when you’re up against a couple hundred (or more) talented writers.

So I was beyond thrilled to learn that an essay of mine had been selected as a finalist for the 2016 Fourth Genre essay prize. Seriously. There might have been some dancing involved. That, and sitting in stupefied silence on my couch. Rinse and repeat.

Fourth Genre is a literary magazines that’s at the very top of my publication wishlist. They always publish interesting, well-constructed, thoughtful essays, and I love the way their authors play aggressively with form. Although the essay sadly won’t appear in the magazine itself (the editor sent me the nicest rejection letter ever, though), I’m thrilled to have the honor of making it that far.