Craft yourself a customized exercise routine!

I always love the opportunity to bring together the disparate parts of my life, and so it thrills me to have an article in the latest issue of Craft Industry Alliance Journal about crafting a customized exercise routine (the article is only accessible if you’re a member).

People who know me by my sewing/knitting persona may not know that I worked in health for a decade (work that’s ongoing, albeit now in freelance form), including a joyous year spent as a health coach to clients all across the country. I loved being a health coach. The opportunity to work one-on-one with folks to identify ways they could reach their health goals was such a privilege. And so much fun! I’m that friend who will problem solve with you to infinity, and this was a chance to problem solve with folks on a topic that was dear to both of us.

All that to say, I got a real kick out of writing that article. Here’s to finding more unexpected, sometimes quirky, ways to align your past and present lives, those many (disparate) interests that run through us and that may seem inconsistent to others, but are truly consistent because¬†we are the common underlying thread …