Rituals: art showing

I sometimes think of Seamwork as the gift that keeps on giving. It’s afforded me the opportunity to explore all sorts of fascinating topics (through the articles I write for them), I get to edit a vast array of articles and interact with some lovely writers, and now it’s giving me the opportunity to participate in my first art show ever!

After reading my article on personal rituals, the owners of The Pigeons Studio and Gallery invited me to participate in their May show, which has the theme “ritual.” We had a bit of back-and-forth before deciding I’d contribute a quilt I worked on at roughly the same period that I wrote the piece. The hand quilting was extremely meditative and created a lovely personal ritual I looked forward to each evening. I hadn’t realized it at the time, but I really needed it!

There’s a show opening on Sunday May 1 from 5-7 if you happen to be in town. Otherwise, the show is up for the month of May. I’ve peeked at the Facebook and Instagram feed and it looks like it’s going to be amazing. A ton of talented artists (showcasing a variety of works) – I’m incredibly honored to participate.